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August 25, 2006, 5:51 am
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just home from los angeles (ok, actually a day late), but home just the same – thank god. i can honestly say, i’m not a huge fan of l.a.. i was there for the first of 8 regional sales meetings i’m producing – the meeting was a hit (yay!).

i forgot my fuckin’ camera at home – i was so mad, so all i had was my cell phone to snap these pics to share – not bad really:

we were staying at the ritz carlton marina del rey. one of my preferences when doing meetings in hotels is that i rent rooms that have windows. nothing is worse than sitting in a hotel conference room with no windows for two days straight. this is the view from our meeting room – not bad eh?

but better still is the view from my hotel room – this is dawn on wednesday. yea, i know its a crappy cell phone camera, but check out the huge yacht dead center… that thing was cool as fuck all lit up at night.
another view….

one more view from my room….

ok, everyone knows that the ritz is supposed to be one of the best hotels in the world & i will certainly say that their service is impeccable and it was the best hotel food i have ever had, but you gotta admit, this is one ugly as fuck chandelier. i prefer clean, modern lines – the ritz was a little to “chintz” and gold brocade for my tastes.

men are pigs. it’s true. snapped this pig while waiting for the train on my way to la la land. in 5 minutes, he spit big gob’s of backwash 5 times on the concrete of the train station. seriously, learn some fuckin’ manners.

i’m a big fan of safety. oh yea. i see nothing wrong with snapping a cool shot of the sky while driving 85 miles per hour down the road… hehehe. safety first i always say.

and lastly, this little nugget from two weeks ago when i was in denver. this was taken on the tram from the terminal to baggage claime at the denver airport. i swear to you, i never get cruised or checked out, but this guy was doing both big time. he was cute too – prob. 23-25 max. very cute.

today begins all the pieces of the biggest hiar show in minneapolis we will produce this year. model call is tonight, rehearsals tomorrow & the show on sunday…. i’ll snap some pics with the real camera – i promise.


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you should have done ‘tram boy’. As long as he wasn’t one of them ‘tram-sexules’!

Comment by cb

Did you cruise him back?

Comment by Six Shooter

You let this one get away didn’t you?


Comment by Ray

what was i supposed to do on the tram with him ray?


yes, i let him get away…


Comment by 9W aka 9thWave aka Nthwave

It all sounds like a jigsaw puzzle to me but I guess you would be the luckyone, I bet.

Comment by Anonymous

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