models and birthdays and naked french rugby players (oh my!)
August 25, 2006, 10:06 pm
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thank god today is over.

as i’ve mentioned a time or two, we’ve been short handed for a few months. one aspect of our shows is a model call. the success of a show can be made or broken by the success of the model call. since we’ve been short staffed, i have taken over the task of organizing the model call for the biggest show we will do this year.

i’m beyond happy with the model call we had tonight – a ton of girls and guys showed up and all 5 teams in the show were happy with the selection.

i am beyond happy right now.

here are a couple of pics, the first one is just as the model call started, the second is during the chaos of it all:

on a unrelated note – tomorrow (saturday) is
cb’s birthday (chances are i won’t have much acccess to my ‘puter tomorrow, so i’m celebrating early).

(cb & his cannon, london, february 27, 2006 [oddly enough, my birthday])

so a very happy birthday wish for one of my favorite people around!!!!

so here’s a lil’ prezzie for cb, i know he loves rugby players, and i know he loves naked guys, so combine them and you get a home run…. so here’s to cb on his 29th b-day, naked french rugby players:


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wow! Nice pic! You can sure tell the forwards from the backs in that pic. (Forwards are thick, beefy legs and ass— Backs are the thinner, fast guys).

I’ll take the thick one in front, please.

Comment by cb

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