mental vacation
August 17, 2006, 7:10 am
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work has been kicking my ass lately (which you all know, and i’m sure are sick of hearing about it)… but the deal is when i’m this busy, i can’t see the forest for the trees and invariably end up without a life. as such, i have little to post about. however, it’s 8:06am currently and i’ve been in the office for three hours already so i’m going to take a mental vacation for a bit and regale you with some photos i took while cb & i were in london this past feb/march.

these first pics were from st. pauls cathedral… it’s important to note, that while i actually do love churches (specifically their grandiosity and architecture), i had no real interest in going to st pauls. cb made me do it, and i’m better for it.

i love framing things. i know it’s a base skill, but if i can put something within something else, i dig it. this is the millennium bridge gate framing the cathedral. directly behind me was the river themes.

more framing – this from the second highest point on the dome looking out at one of the clock towers on the church. this was the highest point either cb or i could manage (between his heights issue and my claustrophobia issue – we made one sorry pair).

here’s a couple from the tate modern. while i’m exceptionally lucky to live in minneapolis where we have one of the greatest modern art museums in the world (walker art center), the tate was just an amazing moment for me. the mark rothko gallery was a religious experience for me. rothko is a god. that’s all i’m gonna say.

the museum as seen from st pauls.

the entrance hallway… awesome

forced perception rocks doesn’t it?


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My favorite part of St. Pauls was watching you freak out in the tiny stairway up to the dome.

My least favorite part was walking around the dome on that skinny-ass ledge with a 200 foot drop to the cathedral floor.

Comment by cb

Interesting photos. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Anonymous

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