introducing… the sr…sl models:
August 17, 2006, 8:40 pm
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hey you… yea, you… look up there

that would be my fuckin’ awesome incredible stupendous title banner. dont’cha love it? of course you do. you’d be insane not to. now sr…sl feels like home. those girls, they are my official entourage – i take them everywhere with me, always dressed to kill too. šŸ™‚

so here’s the story – i took that picture (it fuckin’ rocks, don’t it?) – and i love love love that photo. it’s one of my favorites that i’ve ever taken. of course it’s fitting for a blog called stage right stage left. i took that picture during a show (stage right to be exact).

a couple of thank you’s – firstly, to my co-worker susie (who is an an amazing graphic designer), who took my raw picture and shaped it the way i wanted it. thank you!

and to brian who worked with me via gtalk to get the fucker to work. he rocks. i’m a complete idiot when it comes to html (come on, you can’t be surprised – afterall i spend all my time with models, the stupidity rubs off) and he was able to walk me through it brilliantly.

thanks also to landry who began to help me with this about a month ago. i have no doubt you would have figured it out, but i couldn’t wait forever babe – i still love you and your are officially my favorite new yorker ever.



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I love it!

Comment by Kelly

Yeah, I hate you now. When is Brian gonna help me with MY title banner????

Oh, and Kelly is smokin’ hot. Why doesn’t he comment on MY blog?

Comment by cb

Looks great Kyle:)

Comment by Ray

i AM a new yorker. which means that outside work, i am drinking and not sitting in front of my computer.
i love you too darlin
sorry i didnt move faster.
PS…kelly you are extra HOT.

Comment by landry

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