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August 13, 2006, 12:15 pm
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for tugboat’s benefit, here is phase one of my “sleeve”.

first a bit of background… i have 6 tattoos & throughout the years a subtle theme has progressed – all of the art on the right side of my body (stage right) is black work is tribal and/or east indian in origin. the ink my left side (stage left) is asian in design and quite colorful.

in the first picture (cell phone pic) you see the outline phase of the first bit of my sleeve. due to the level of detail in the symbol, this took just shy of 3 hours to complete:

the next pic is a perspective shot & was taken in a hotel room. normally i never drink coke or eat pringles (honestly, they are kinda disgusting), but at 2 in the morning, while on a show, beggers can’t be choosers. i just love the forced perspective of this shot. the ink still isn’t complete, but the colors have started to been added.

i had another amazing pic of the actual ink in process, but for the life of me, i can not find it. ugg. ms. bees knees can attest to the brilliance of the shot i’m missing.

and now the completed ‘phase 1’ tattoo. the symbol is the
8 auspicious symbols of buddhism (in their combined form). the whole thing took about 10 hours to complete (mainly due to the level of detail). i’m beyond thrilled with how it turned out.

phase two will continue the buddhist theme and will consist of a tara, tibetan prayer flags and some other asian symbolism.

i’ll keep you posted. 🙂


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Please do. Hot!

The Squeaky Wheel

Comment by Dave

Ok- once again I see the level of detail in your tattoo and question why they can’t tattoo 1/2 inch high sanskrit on my calf?


Comment by cb

Kyle, that is amazingly beautiful work. Wow.


Comment by Anonymous

That truly is a beautiful piece of body art

Comment by Happy Singleton

just totally beautiful!!! it makes me want to get colors!!! i go in for another tattoo on october [friday the ] 13th!!

Comment by Ms Bees Knees

It’s a amazing.

Comment by Anonymous

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