we dance underneath the radar
August 3, 2006, 8:10 pm
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i am an exceedingly happy boy right now.

earlier tonight, i was making the walk in music (music the attendees of a show hear as they walk in and find their seats) for my show this weekend and i decided i needed something new – i wasn’t feeling any of the 22gigs of music loaded on catch (my ipod – what..? your ipod doesn’t have a name? how tragic).

so down to cheapo i went. cheapo is a massive new & used cd shop here in minneapolis. i was hip to find a a couple of things, but low and behold – i found something i gave up hope of ever finding:

the rare 1988; pre-hard electronica underworld release ‘underneath the radar’.

this piece of 1980’s new-wave pop trash is a delightful reminder of what it felt like to be a kid with no cares in the 80’s. life really was just a wash of synthesizers back then. now, of course, given underworld’s direction in the 90’s, i’m sure they’d rather forget this ever existed & truth be told the rest of the album is terrible – but i fuckin’ love the title track. it’s dark and it’s sexy.

indeed, in the official bio for underworld you rarely ever hear about this piece of fluff. too bad – i hate when bands don’t acknowledge they have a past.

i had given up on ever finding a digital version of this track. it doesn’t exist on itunes. it doesn’t exist show up on 80’s compilations. fuck, i was even looking for it on cassette that i could then burn onto disk – to no avail.

but low-and-behold, there it was for a paltry $5.95. can’t beat that. also picked up a used copy of the joint cd/dvd of madonna’s latest i’m going to tell you a secret and a used copy of the lastest duran duran.

a good musical night to be sure.

off to denver in the morning with limited access/time for the internet. hopefully i’ll get some great pictures of the show to share with the 4 of you that read this… lol



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i bet you ANYTHING… yes even my virginity *cough* that you’ll find it on that site has got everything for free. but you didn’t hear that from me. xo!

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