giddy as a school boy
August 3, 2006, 12:19 pm
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ok, i have about a million things i need to accomplish before i fly to denver tomorrow morning, but the only thing i really wanna do is rush home and pop in this:

thats right boys and girls, v for vendetta came out on dvd this week. i absolutely loved this film – on every level. the acting was sublime (yes, cb, i said sublime), the action incredible, the story was a beautiful allegory on life in america these days. hugo weaving & natalie portmen were amazing. love this movie!!

in other random entertainment news:

yippee-kai-yay-mother fucker, they’re making another die hard – while not a huge fan of bombastic action flicks, i was actually a huge fan of episode 1 & 3 of this series. i found them to be amazingly warm for an action flick.

stephen king & john irving implore jk rowling to not kill harry potter

ignoring episodes 3-5, the 6th installment of original underdog story, rocky is coming soon – remember sylvester before he sucked? – check out the trailer for rocky balboa (and it doesn’t look like it will suck)


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I missed V in the theatres. I’m guessing I should rent it.

Comment by Six Shooter

I will be getting Vendetta this weekend when I get back from “v”acation.

I can’t wait. It was really good!

Comment by cb

Get it, rent it…the first dialog sets the tone for the rest of the movie!


Comment by Ray

I liked V a lot, and I liked it even more after a friend explained it all to me.

Comment by Dave

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