whew… time to breathe
August 30, 2006, 6:24 am
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hi all,

sorry for the lack of posts… last week was one whirlwind of activity, from my trip to la la land to a show here in minneapolis. i’m home for a week and a half (and on vacation for the next 5 days starting tomorow), and have lots to talk about, but while i get back into the swing of things, here are a couple pics from my most recent show:

this headdress just fuckin’ rocked… so delicate in person – it was hand made out of paper over the course of 3 days by one of the guest artists… and were applied to the model live on stage…. i’ll try to find a pic or two of the finished product.

ok, while not from the show technically, this pic was taken downtown minneapolis during the course of the weekend. i just love this shot – the competing vertical and horizontal lines really intrigue me.

more later….


models and birthdays and naked french rugby players (oh my!)
August 25, 2006, 10:06 pm
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thank god today is over.

as i’ve mentioned a time or two, we’ve been short handed for a few months. one aspect of our shows is a model call. the success of a show can be made or broken by the success of the model call. since we’ve been short staffed, i have taken over the task of organizing the model call for the biggest show we will do this year.

i’m beyond happy with the model call we had tonight – a ton of girls and guys showed up and all 5 teams in the show were happy with the selection.

i am beyond happy right now.

here are a couple of pics, the first one is just as the model call started, the second is during the chaos of it all:

on a unrelated note – tomorrow (saturday) is
cb’s birthday (chances are i won’t have much acccess to my ‘puter tomorrow, so i’m celebrating early).

(cb & his cannon, london, february 27, 2006 [oddly enough, my birthday])

so a very happy birthday wish for one of my favorite people around!!!!

so here’s a lil’ prezzie for cb, i know he loves rugby players, and i know he loves naked guys, so combine them and you get a home run…. so here’s to cb on his 29th b-day, naked french rugby players:

view through a sanyo mm-8300, newest to oldest
August 25, 2006, 5:51 am
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just home from los angeles (ok, actually a day late), but home just the same – thank god. i can honestly say, i’m not a huge fan of l.a.. i was there for the first of 8 regional sales meetings i’m producing – the meeting was a hit (yay!).

i forgot my fuckin’ camera at home – i was so mad, so all i had was my cell phone to snap these pics to share – not bad really:

we were staying at the ritz carlton marina del rey. one of my preferences when doing meetings in hotels is that i rent rooms that have windows. nothing is worse than sitting in a hotel conference room with no windows for two days straight. this is the view from our meeting room – not bad eh?

but better still is the view from my hotel room – this is dawn on wednesday. yea, i know its a crappy cell phone camera, but check out the huge yacht dead center… that thing was cool as fuck all lit up at night.
another view….

one more view from my room….

ok, everyone knows that the ritz is supposed to be one of the best hotels in the world & i will certainly say that their service is impeccable and it was the best hotel food i have ever had, but you gotta admit, this is one ugly as fuck chandelier. i prefer clean, modern lines – the ritz was a little to “chintz” and gold brocade for my tastes.

men are pigs. it’s true. snapped this pig while waiting for the train on my way to la la land. in 5 minutes, he spit big gob’s of backwash 5 times on the concrete of the train station. seriously, learn some fuckin’ manners.

i’m a big fan of safety. oh yea. i see nothing wrong with snapping a cool shot of the sky while driving 85 miles per hour down the road… hehehe. safety first i always say.

and lastly, this little nugget from two weeks ago when i was in denver. this was taken on the tram from the terminal to baggage claime at the denver airport. i swear to you, i never get cruised or checked out, but this guy was doing both big time. he was cute too – prob. 23-25 max. very cute.

today begins all the pieces of the biggest hiar show in minneapolis we will produce this year. model call is tonight, rehearsals tomorrow & the show on sunday…. i’ll snap some pics with the real camera – i promise.

best cock on the block
August 18, 2006, 6:44 pm
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there are 6 people in the world i know i can count on when needed – ray, cb, wendy, scott, stacey & landry. landry is pictured here (with her friend bryce – i do not know bryce, i wouldn’t mind knowing bryce):

landry and i met sometime in 1999 on the internet. at the time she was in new york and i was in minneapolis (much as it is today). we met on a yahoo group for participants for the alaska aids vaccine ride which would take place in the summer of 2000. to this day i don’t know why we clicked, or for that matter, which one of us emailed/messaged first. all that mattered is that i fuckin’ fell in love (platonically people – we’re both good homo’s) with this kick ass chick from ny.

at the time both of us were on aol and our email back and forth quickly gave way to instant messaging where a common greeting from me was “hey baby, wanna fuck?” this confused her girlfriend greatly. and entertained me to no end.

fast forward to the ride – we were in fairbanks alaska on day zero (the day before the ride starts) and i was busy doing whatever was involved in my crew manager role on the ride (landry was riding) – all i remember is this wicked blur of a girl yelling my name then running across the lobby and hugging me. how she knew it was me is beyond me. without a doubt, that was one of the most physcially challenging rides any of us had been on (for both the riders and crew) and as such, we honestly only saw each other maybe 3-4 times during the whole week, but just the same – i knew i had a friend in her.

there it was the start of a life long (or at least a 7 year – hey is it time for one of us to cheat on the other?) friendship.

she’s the one i choose to escape to after the debacle that was nick (new york is a lovely place to get lost for a few days while mending a broken heart), she’s the one that never ceases to amaze me with her brilliance or talent. she’s the one that can piss me off in one second flat, only to melt me with that shit eating grin the next.

so why you ask am i tripping down memory lane for ya’ll…? well firstly, i thought i should introduce you to the girl that blew off helping me with my banner up above ., and secondly – well – tonight, as i was avoiding work talking on gtalk with wendy and landry and brian, she brought up the common topic of music (apparently bryce is scary savant like when it comes to music – i thought i was her only scary music freak friend; hey, wait-a-new-york-minute, this means she is cheating on me; hrumph).

which reminded me the bitch promised me a cd about 3.5 years ago and has yet to deliver.

yup, that’s right, this trip down memory lane just got a little pot-holey.

we were sitting in my apartment one cold february day (she came to down to get me drunk for my birthday), and she hipped me to this cool act “bitch and animal” with this fuckin’ great song “best cock on the block” on it. she promised to send me the song “the very minute i get back to new york”. fast forward 3.5, i’m still waiting.

yea, yea, yea, i could just go buy the damn cd, and under other circumstances i would – but the principle demands that she fulfill her promise to me.

so here’s what i need from all of you – i need to you to email her imploring her to make good on her 3+ year promise.

i have a killer mix cd in my head that is all based around this track – i need this track.

seriously, my eternal happiness hinges on my getting this song.


p.s., i think that picture pretty much makes her look like she thinks she is best cock on the block. 🙂

introducing… the sr…sl models:
August 17, 2006, 8:40 pm
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hey you… yea, you… look up there

that would be my fuckin’ awesome incredible stupendous title banner. dont’cha love it? of course you do. you’d be insane not to. now sr…sl feels like home. those girls, they are my official entourage – i take them everywhere with me, always dressed to kill too. 🙂

so here’s the story – i took that picture (it fuckin’ rocks, don’t it?) – and i love love love that photo. it’s one of my favorites that i’ve ever taken. of course it’s fitting for a blog called stage right stage left. i took that picture during a show (stage right to be exact).

a couple of thank you’s – firstly, to my co-worker susie (who is an an amazing graphic designer), who took my raw picture and shaped it the way i wanted it. thank you!

and to brian who worked with me via gtalk to get the fucker to work. he rocks. i’m a complete idiot when it comes to html (come on, you can’t be surprised – afterall i spend all my time with models, the stupidity rubs off) and he was able to walk me through it brilliantly.

thanks also to landry who began to help me with this about a month ago. i have no doubt you would have figured it out, but i couldn’t wait forever babe – i still love you and your are officially my favorite new yorker ever.


mental vacation
August 17, 2006, 7:10 am
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work has been kicking my ass lately (which you all know, and i’m sure are sick of hearing about it)… but the deal is when i’m this busy, i can’t see the forest for the trees and invariably end up without a life. as such, i have little to post about. however, it’s 8:06am currently and i’ve been in the office for three hours already so i’m going to take a mental vacation for a bit and regale you with some photos i took while cb & i were in london this past feb/march.

these first pics were from st. pauls cathedral… it’s important to note, that while i actually do love churches (specifically their grandiosity and architecture), i had no real interest in going to st pauls. cb made me do it, and i’m better for it.

i love framing things. i know it’s a base skill, but if i can put something within something else, i dig it. this is the millennium bridge gate framing the cathedral. directly behind me was the river themes.

more framing – this from the second highest point on the dome looking out at one of the clock towers on the church. this was the highest point either cb or i could manage (between his heights issue and my claustrophobia issue – we made one sorry pair).

here’s a couple from the tate modern. while i’m exceptionally lucky to live in minneapolis where we have one of the greatest modern art museums in the world (walker art center), the tate was just an amazing moment for me. the mark rothko gallery was a religious experience for me. rothko is a god. that’s all i’m gonna say.

the museum as seen from st pauls.

the entrance hallway… awesome

forced perception rocks doesn’t it?

August 16, 2006, 4:55 am
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couldn’t resist takin’ a quick snapshot of my city’s skyline last night…. great evening. minneapolis 8.15.06