prince divorce #2, a conversation
July 30, 2006, 11:35 am
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well, not much has been said here regarding my love of the music of prince – prince’s music is something you either love, or don’t, something you get, or something you don’t. i try not to foist it on anyone (except for cb) – but had to share this conversation from the other night with my friend greg (feel free to email him and tell him to update his damn blog!)

greg: so i have a question for you –
me: ok
greg: let say you were a life long prince fan…
me: ok
greg: and you became the president of his fan club…
me: ok
greg: and then became employed at paisley park enterprises as his assistant…
me: ok
greg: and then you start to fuck/date him and eventually marry him…
me: ok
greg: and then you get divorced. are you still a prince fan?
me: actually, i think the day after i announce the divorce i take my entire prince collection down to used record store and sell it to make some cash.

ahhh, prince, another divorce (number 2 for those keeping track).

nobody could fault you for the first one failing (loosing a child as to be devastating to a relationship)… but what did you do to piss off this one? did you fuck tamar? (seriously man, your protogee’s get less and less interesting every year).

i’m actually ok with prince being single again – i think prince writes better music when he’s single and tortured. not to mention when he’s dating lots of women all at the same time.

musicology & 3121 were the first little baby steps towards redemption after you forced that piece of shit the rainbow children on all of us.

lets see where you end up next.


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would sleeping with and/or dating Prince really count as “switching sides”?
i feel like it doesn’t

Comment by landry

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