drakkar noir
July 30, 2006, 7:06 pm
Filed under: the world according to me
to all the clueless boys in the world (by way of one specific hunky jock wandering the aisles of target today):

it’s 2007 – put away the drakkar noir.

nobody likes that aroma really. and truth be told, none of us liked it in 1987 when it was popular (we just wore it to be cool).

if your going to wear a synthetic cologne (eww), then at least go for something upscale like:

issey miyake or givenchy to name just two.

personally, i’m not a fan of synthetic aroma – go with essential oils like aveda if you ask me. the fact of the matter is, synthetic aroma’s really smell nothing like the plants and flowers they come from –

as an example…. lets say i’m calvin klien and i’m making a new cologne with rose oil as it’s primary base…. i’m gonna take the cheapest form of rose oil known to man (the oil from a rose petal can be extracted (a process called steam distillation) 15 times. the most expensive/potent/pure form of rose oil comes from the 1st extraction. all the following extractions are a little more diluted, or less “pure”), or the 15th extraction. i’m then gonna take 1-3 drops of this diluted form of the oil and have a computer “replicate” the diluted aroma by synthesizing it using petrochemical bases. then i’m going to add another synthetic “binder” which makes the aroma “stick” to the body for a long time (in some cases, the binders are so strong – umm drakkar anyone – that they can actually stay potent on clothing after it’s been washed). that’s the real reason people are sensitive to perfumes & colognes – it’s not the aroma itself, it’s the synthetic “binder” that overwhelms the entire fragrance in the first place.

so concludes your “aroma 101” class. there will be a test.

i just don’t see the point. if your trying to smell better, why wouldn’t you want to smell as much like a natural aroma as possible?

oh and to all the “natural-boys” in the audience. i love the smell of a man as much as the next guy, but there’s a very fine line between smelling natural and masculine and smelling rank and raunchy. there is nothing wrong with wearing an aroma that compliments your natural body chemistry.

just. not. drakkar. ever.

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