the mundanity of my life
July 28, 2006, 9:11 pm
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so little is actually happening in my life right now it’s pathetic on a certain level and reassuringly “the same” on another. a lot has changed for me in the past few years, i’ve gotten the job of my dreams which never ceases to amaze/confound/challenge/inspire me. i moved onto a more rewarding and fulfilling role on the red ribbon ride. i’ve actively begun pursuing my buddhist path. i’ve closed the door on a number of unhealthy relationships (resulting in a lack of close friends in minneapolis – do you have any idea how hard it is make new friends at 36?).

but on the other hand, i’m still a terrible home-body (shy isn’t the right word, but it’s close). have the sex life of a monk. still single. etc. etc. etc.

i really shouldn’t complain – my life is pretty good on a number of levels and i moreorless have my health (finally).

of course the fear with the perfect job is that it allows me to hide behind it a bit. i have two busy seasons – spring (january – may) and fall (august – november). this proves to be a tempting excuse to just disappear for a bit.

for example – starting next week this is my work schedule for the next few months:

aug 4 – 6 / denver for a hair show
aug 21 – 24 / los angeles for a regional sales meeting i’m producing
aug 24 – 28 / home, but producing the 2nd largest hair show our company does (insanity abounds)
sept 8 – 10 / dallas, for a hair show
sept 10 – 12 / atlanta, another regional sales meeting
sept 13 – 15 / back to dallas for another regional sales meeting
sept 18 – 19 / home, but managing a regional sales meeting remotely
sept 21 – 22 / home, but managing another regional sales meeting remotely
sept 23 – 25 / cleveland, for a hair show
sept 25 – 27 / cincinnatti, for another regional sales meeting
oct 3 – 5 / chicago for the last regional sales meeting
oct 6 – 7 / chicago for a bit of a rest with ray & jeremy

oct 20 – 23 / home, producing our global sales meeting

nov 3 – 6 / home, producing a “summit” with the owners of our schools in north america

nov 11 – 12 / san fran, possibly participating in the largest consumer green festival in the world

damn, i’m tired just typing it out like that. no wonder i’m single. but can’t i still just get laid occasionally? lol

—-other random thoughts jumping around my head:

big props to landry for sending me a link to camera obscura’s brilliant song ‘lloyd, i’m ready to be heartbroken‘ writtten about one my idols lloyd cole. a brilliant song, thanks for sending it (you too can check it out by going to itunes and searching for it)

along the music tip (and to further my obsession with robbie), mr williams has a new song and a new album coming out late fall – you can hear the tune here: rudebox74 i quite like it – it’s poppy and technoy and rappy all at once.

i’m really excited about a new clothing line at target – it’s designed by a brit named keanan duffty. keanan is a punk ruck designer that my company has worked with for a few years designing t-shirts for our shows. i’ve met him a bunch of times and he’s a really nice/cool guy. i’m thrilled he’s in target. check him out if you like the punk rock aesthetic.

i was bored earlier and was fuckin’ around with my digital camera and popped a few pics of yours truly. i wasn’t gonna post ’em (namely cause i hate pictures of myself), but then i thought what the fuck. so here you go:

this is parker. you haven’t met her yet. she pretty much rocks my world. and besides, what’s a gay man without a pet?


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A gay man without a pet is free to travel and spend the night wherever he so chooses… so nyah.

Comment by cb

What do you do w/ your gerbils Chris?

I love the torso shot kyle, that’s very cool.

Comment by Ray

Very nice. Thanks.

Comment by Six Shooter

and i have to say i’m with CB on the pet thing. I mean i love my pets, but to be completely free would be a major help sometime.

Comment by Six Shooter


Comment by landry

i HAVE met parker…upclose and personal like

Comment by landry

NIce pic 🙂

Comment by Brian

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