what can brown do for me?
July 27, 2006, 4:32 pm
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well it’s happened – another fantasy ruined.

so, i’m sure it’s the uniform thing, but i gotta say, a ups driver – usually stops me in my tracks. even those that are a lil’ average can be hot as fuck. especially when they’re wearing shorts. what is it about those brown uniforms – woof.

i’m lucky enough to have a ups facility smack dab between my house and my office and if i time it just right, i end up on 35-w right as all the trucks are leaving for their routes, so i get to see a lot of the ups drivers. nothin’ like checkin’ out them shorts/legs in their open door van’s as i drive by. woof woof.

well today, that fantasy was ruined (just a lil’). today as i was driving home from an appointment, i stopped at a light right next to a ups truck. imagine my excitement (hey, we take what we get when we get it, right?). so i looked to my left into the cab of the ups truck (i’m such a voyeur) and what do you think greeted me? a (easily) 350 lb’s, poorly groomed driver with some sort of skin disease on his legs. eating corn chips out of the big bag (not just a lil’ bag like you’d get with lunch).


ok, seriously, the new question is “what can brown not do for you” ugg. it was bad.

i need a new fantasy in my head, cause the ups driver one is ruined.


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I think he dropped off his own package of brown shortly after that.

Comment by Joe

my guess is he ATE the hot UPS driver

but yes, i too enjoy a delivery from the shorts-wearing driver … he can handle my package any day

Comment by Six Shooter

Mmmm corn chips….

Comment by Ray

Don’t worry – there are plenty of hot UPS guys out there, trust me, I should know, I am one of them……

Comment by UPSbrown

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