madonna / guy ritchie / robbie williams
July 25, 2006, 6:57 pm
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oh my… kill me now. not only do i love madonna, guy ritchie is one of my favorite directors, and lets be frank – i’d kill to get robbie in bed. woof.

and now a post focusing on all three! life is good.

stealing this little news blurb from

Robbie Williams is dueting with Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant on a single called She’s Madonna, the title taken from what Guy Ritchie told his then-girlfriend Tania Strecker as he dumped her, “Look, you know I really love you, but she’s Madonna.”According to The Mirror, Madonna green-lighted the single when Williams played it for her and he hopes to get her to appear in the video. The album comes out September 4th. I can already see the ball queens having a field day doing runway to She’s Madonna.

hmmm where to begin? ummmm – robbie singing about madonna, fuckin’ brilliant. i’ve not got a semi in anticipation for the new robbie album 1974 (didn’t even know this was coming – he’s on a world tour for
intensive care). and the subject matter? damn that sounds cheeky as hell and fun. robbie is the best pop singer in the world today – bar none. he brings a sense of fun to music today + he’s dead sexy. that body, those tat’s, that fur – those killer eyes. woof. and now he’s singing about madonna. how perfect.

while we are on the subject….
ok, i love madonna – i really do. i can honestly say she never bores me and i’m always interested in what she’s doing musically, socially etc.. she’s a brilliant performer (drowned world tour in 2001; madison sq garden; 15th row – best stadium show i’ve ever seen) – but i have to be honest about something….

madonna has not been good for guy ritchies career. 😦

i mean lets be honest – b.m. (before madonna), guy wrote, produced and directed two of the greatest movies of the 90’s; lock, stock & two smoking barrels & snatch. but a.m (after madonna), he did swept away (which stared said wife and nobody saw) and revolver (which was never released in the u.s.).

i love guy. i love madonna. i just don’t know if i love them together.
if they ever got a divorce, i’d so be there to offer guy some comfort. that man is dead sexy.
maybe robbie should write a song about guy. now that’d go platinum for sure.
(p.s., for some fucking insane reason i can’t post pics tonight – i have the hottest pic of robbie to share – i guess that’ll have to wait until i can give him his own post)

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Did you ever see the promo for his website that had him nekkid and flopping his schlong around (and laughing — you kow he was like “Ha put THIS on the website” … and the did)?


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