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July 23, 2006, 2:53 pm
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rosario dawson / clerks 2

this woman is amazing… talented… beautiful… strong… she could flip my switch any day of the week.

this wasn’t a huge surprise for me, but i was reminded of this fact today as i was watching clerks 2. rosario wasn’t in the original – and i was a little concerned over adding such a strong new character into the mix, but i was really surprised at how well rosario’s character mixed with dante & randall along with jay & silent bob of course. she was a brilliant addition.
this movie could have totally stunk. kevin smith, while a writer/director i truly admire, could have simply just jumped back into the clerks pool as an effort to get the stink of jersery girl off of him. i’m really happy to tell you that i loved this movie. as much as i love clerks 1, but in a very different way. clerks 2 did the necessary, it updated us on where these guys were all these years later, but it did it in such a way to give credence to their life choices and to validate them as people. they were not just caricatures (a strong argument could be made that the first movie didn’t actually feature real characters) of slakers. these were real guys (and a girl) with desires and goals…
of course, all of this was wrapped up in a tidy package including donkey sex, pregnancy, 12-steps, transformers/lord of the rings vs. star wars and wanda sykes. i laughed out loud & i had a grin on my face throughout the movie. i was pleased.
which brings me back to rosario. let me start by saying i am not now, nor have i ever been a fan of rent. rosario was in the original cast on broadway (and then the movie). i do not hold this against her. yes, i realize i’m the only homo in the world who doesn’t like rent. horribly overrated fucking musical if you ask me.
rosario first came to my attention with kids. brilliant introduction. then i saw her in josie and the pussycats. lets just say she and parker posey (along with alan cumming) were the only brightspots in that piece of shite). fast forward to 1999 when prince re-recorded his megahit & featured rosario doing spoken word – outstanding! fast forward again to sin city and now clerks 2. i want to marry this chick. she’s bad-ass and sexy. if only she had a penis!
spoiler alert – don’t read if you want to be surprised – the scene on the roof of mooby’s where she teaches dante to dance (to the jackson 5 no less), sexy and completely innocent all at the same time. i’m in love.
cheers to rosario dawson.

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Rosario Dawson is hot hot hot hot!

Comment by Scott E D

I liked her too. And the donkey.

And the dance sequence a la thriller meets the blues brothers is awesome.

Comment by cb

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