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July 19, 2006, 10:39 am
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– this is the radar for the country as of 11:15am – not the armegeddon directly over my fair city.

– it now appears that lance bass from *nsync may be a big flaming homo. is anyone surprised? i must admit tho’, i always found him cute in that annoying boy-band sort of way. i’d do him. new york post

– macauley culkin and mila kunis are dating. eww. that’s just wierd. also wierd, the fact they were in Israel for vacation – and that their leaving due to the violence in the middle east actually caused news. seriously. why?

– pirates of the caribbean is officially the highest grossing flick of the summer. i don’t get it. sure, i liked it – it was fun in a popcorn sort of way, but superman was way better (and better filmed)… i love me some johnny depp, but still don’t get it. (258.4 million in 2 weeks).

– rockstar: supernova. i’m completely addicted to this show. dilana needs to win. all i’m sayin’.


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what is ALSO weird is your spelling of ‘wierd’…

Comment by cb

I know someone who nailed Lance Bass. Yeah, he’s a big ol’ girl.

Comment by Six Shooter

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