50 most influential album’s of all time
July 19, 2006, 12:11 pm
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remember albums? those round, black things with grooves? well the observer / guardian, a uk newspaper has taken on the daunting task of documenting the 50 most influential albums of all time – it’s quite an interesting list to a music geek like yours truly.
i was pleased that my favorite album of all time is on the list (no. 22 – kate bush’s hounds of love: “… Listen again to the delirious cacophany of ‘Running Up That Hill’, and it sounds like God struck that deal…”) and that some of my other fav’s were there as well (no’s. 12, 7, 24, 47 and of course 28).
what strikes me as interesting is their justifications and their “without this…” feature. i gotta admit, they’ve actually caused me to go back and revisit some things. case in point no. 2’s sgt. pepper’s lonely hearts club band by the beatles. my personal view initially is that revolver is a much better album. but then they said this:

There are those who rate Revolver (1966) or ‘the White Album’ (1968) higher. But Sgt Pepper’s made the watertight case for pop music as an art form in itself; until then, it was thought the silly, transient stuff of teenagers. At a time when all pop music was stringently manufactured, these Paul McCartney-driven melodies and George Martin-produced whorls of sound proved that untried ground was not only the most fertile stuff, but also the most viable commercially. It defined the Sixties and – for good and ill – gave white rock all its airs and graces.

Without this … pop would be a very different beast.

my god they got this right. of course revolver may be the better album technically speaking, but if we are talking influence – pepper’s is the way to go. i love when a publication forces me to re-evaluate things.

i absolutly must pop this in and listen to it again.


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I used to love Hounds Of Love back in the day when I was kicking it old school with the cassette tape.

I was glad to see Velvet Underground and Nico at number one, but disappointed not to see any mention of early Sonic Youth, especially the brilliant Daydream Nation. Come on, they put the Spice Girls on there but no Sonic Youth?? Fucking Brits!

Comment by Dave

No question for me. Its either “Sgt Peppers” or “Abbey Road”. Revolver… eh. White album… too out there.

Comment by cb

Oh, and I can honestly say that I only have 3 of the albums on the list… which is good given that I don’t like more than half of their choices.

Comment by cb

that’s cause you have not heard of most of those bands. 🙂

Comment by 9W aka 9thWave aka Nthwave

and dave, trust me – pull out Hounds again – that record is still brilliant.

Comment by 9W aka 9thWave aka Nthwave

so strange
i am listening to “Revolver” right now.

St Pepper is the first album my father ever bought me. I was 9.

At some point in the continuum things get removed from their historical context.
He just brought the context back.

kate kate

Comment by landry

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