our declaration of independance
July 18, 2006, 7:40 pm
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i stole this from planet voenix –

who stole it from love america, hate bush.

It’s like we’re going backward.
Once America was seen as a beacon of hope and freedom. Today it’s the world’s bully.
We know how it happened. The smirking simpleton in the Oval Office, guided by Karl Rove, trumpeted by the venomous hatemongers of right-wing radio, and with the complicity of all but a few Republicans, discovered the ticket to political power: appeals to people’s worst instincts.
And oh, how the people responded.
They demand religion in schools — as long as it’s their religion. They demand Constitutional amendments prohibiting gay marriage, abortion and flag-burning. Why? Those things offend them. They’re wrong, the way they see things. And if you don’t see things that way, if you’re not offended, you’re wrong, too.
But here’s what’s right: That we can invade a sovereign nation that posed no threat to us and kill tens of thousands of their citizens. And jail their elected president. And force a government we approve of on them. And unleash civil war.
Back at home, anyone who wants a timetable for troop withdrawal is “cutting and running” — in other words, a base, dishonorable coward.
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I don’t mind…it needs to be read as far and wide as possible!

Comment by Alexander

Amen! All you liberal freaks need to read this and realize that when you say ‘its wrong’ to want an amendment banning flag burning, that in truth YOU are the one’s who are wrong for NOT wanting the amendment. Can’t you see that you are all brainwashed by the liberal media???

Gay marriage and flag burning are tearing this country apart! We need a return to wholesomeness!

Now, it IS ok to burn PFLAGs though… they deserve it.

Comment by cb

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