leavin’ on a airplane….
July 10, 2006, 8:48 am
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6:53am. i’ve been in the airport for about 40 minutes and i’ve personally eyeballed at least 4,569 really hot men. there is just something about guys in airports – i’m not sure why… is it the suits? is it the college guys? is it the guys in flip-flops (not that i have a foot fetish, but i do enjoy guys in flip flops – especially if they are wearing jeans)….

take this guy sitting next to me in the waiting area… about 5’11-6’, short kinda scruffy black hair and scruffy facial hair in the way that you only get when you first starting to really grow facial hair (no, not the initial just out of puberty kind – there is a difference) – black t-shirt. size 32 jeans (flip-flops too, wait he just changed into tennis shoes – damnit all to hell). a great, natural tan (the kind you get when you are 19-21 and spend every waking minute outside). amazing baby-blue’s with killer eye lashes (shit, I think he just caught me checking him out)…though he is rockin’ a pink mini ipod (he must be very comfortable with his sexuality). he’s is going to grow up to be one very hot man.

then there is the generic business man sitting 3 chairs in front of me. also rocking an ipod (though of indiscriminate type) – he’s wearing the standard business uniform; black polo shirt with khaki’s – cute guy tho’, and I’m pretty sure that he has checked me out.

oh, and then there are the pilots. anything hotter than a man in uniform? ugg – when you fly the tinnee-tiny commuter planes like i am today (happens a lot when you live in the middle of the country, and your flying to, oh say, cleveland – also in the middle of the country), you get some of the younger pilots – major woof. oh my.

it’s now 7:04am and i’ve seen about a hundred more guys….i need a moment.

update on hottie boy next to me – I think he might have some mixed asian-caucasian in him, tho’ definitely not first generation – just the slightest hint. those eyes are gonna stay with me for a bit. now if only he had a hairy chest – pretty sure by looking at him he’s fairly smooth, tho’ he might have a furry belly – those are always nice.

second update on hottie – got a better look at him. not so cute from the front, but still has a nice body. much better in profile.
update #45 – it’s now 10:45am. i’m sitting in the cleveland airport waiting for my boss to arrive from toronto. this airport smells like piss. seriously. and not cat piss. human piss. and there are no hot guys. seriously. none. nada. zip. tho there are a lot of women with highly unfortunate hair styles.

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Much similar to my experience at the Raleigh-Durham airport when I flew home prior to the 4th of July. It was “military boy on leave” day at the airport– holy schnikes!

Although nothing smelled of piss– unfortunately.

Comment by cb

Oh, and isn’t it “leavin’ on a JET plane”???

I’m just sayin….

Comment by cb

airports and men…i tried to take pictures on my last trip from chicago to richmond, but kept getting busted…sooooo much eyecandy

Comment by Kelly

First time reader, long time blogger …

Just had to say this was a great description of your airport stay(s). I’ll be back.

Comment by Six Shooter

highly unfortunate hair is a problem everywhere.
i would be thankful if it was only in airports
but those people are all going somewhere

baby you are just as hot as those other boys.

have a great trip

Comment by landry

I end up with whiplash from all the jerking my NECK is doing. (Thought I’d head that one off before anyone had a chance to make a comment!)

Comment by Alexander

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