why…oh why did i agree to this pt 2
July 9, 2006, 12:58 pm
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well the interview happened and apparently it went pretty good – our global communications team was happy with the end result and if everything checks out, i’ll be quoted a time or two in the august issue of meetings & conventions magazine (i know your all jealous and a lil’ turned on by my impending fame. you want me. it’s ok to admit it, us famous people are used to the devotion).
onto other stuff – tomorrow morning i fly to cleveland ohio to do a site-visit at a theater for an upcoming show – i may have limited access to update but i’ll try. and then on thursday, the red ribbon ride kicks off (and yes, i’ve noticed none of you cheapskates have donated to the ride not that i’m bitter or anything) so i’ll be even more out of communication with the rest of the world until the following sunday. i’ll try to do an update here or there – i’m really thrilled with how opening ceremeonies is shaping up….

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have a great time on the ride and give my gf CH a big smootch for me.

Comment by landry

your newfound fame makes me want to hump on your leg. but actually, i’d hump on your leg anyway… fame or not. i’m kind of whorish like that. XO!

Comment by Ms Bees Knees

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