high class social event
July 9, 2006, 12:26 pm
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so shelley-lynn threw a wang-dang doodle of a white trash partay yesterday afternoon. dem-dare high-class folks even stopped by too. the micky’s big-mouth malt liquer’s were flowing freely while there was even one of them new-fangled porta-johns rented just for the event.

as sick and wrong as this picture is (and yea, it’s pretty sick and wrong), my favorite part is the halo around the olde english bottle – kinda makes it classy. and no, this isn’t britney spears – it’s the hostess, shelley-lynn. what’s interestin’ when i got to the party, she wasn’t preggers, but about an hour later, she’s about to drop. i still don’t understand where dem-dare babies come from.

sheri-lynn got the afternoon off from hooters but had to leave half-way through the party cause she got called into work bobbie-jo’s shift since bobbie-jo threw her back out with her new impants.

heather-lynn swears her baby-daddy isn’t hitting her anymore – she says she just ran into the doorknob (4 times). of course, he was at home gettin’ the wreck ready for the pine city derby…

sara-lynn eatin’ some tasty kfc and drinkin’ a miller. people think sara-lynn is responsible for that hole in the sky. i just think she looks purty.

stephanie-lynn’s audition picture for hustler, what do you think? fyi – her knees are always dirty like that from givin’ all the guys in the trailer park a bj.

bobby-keith got confused about where them drawers are supposed to be.

stephanie-lynn’s high class hubby (you know them city folk – they always coordinate) usin’ the porta-john. he thinks he’s better than us tho – not pissin’ behind the tree and all.

shelley-lynn’s old man charlie-joe couldn’t come to the party, but her cousin/nephew christopher-bob was around to do what’s necessary. apparently, he’s quite proud of knockin’ her up.


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LOL…looks like it was a blast!

Comment by Brian

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