the perfect man pt 2
July 5, 2006, 8:51 am
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back one june 18, i debuted a feature called the perfect man – as you may recall, I had a number of disclaimers before i presented the impeccable j. maarten troost as the founding member of tpm club…

the disclaimers were as follows:

… is completely subjective
… is subject to change at without notice
… negatives or drawbacks are easily forgotten and/or ignored – any mention of a possible negative, will be summarily dismissed
… should serve as notice that the man in question is on “the list” – the list of course, indicates that should i ever actually get a partner, the presence of any of these men give me an automatic “out” (for at least the night in question).

for issue number 2 of “the perfect man”, may i present eric bana:
eric is one tasty morsel of masculinity mixed with sensitivity and pure-unadulterated sex drive. sure his movies haven’t always been great – but he has usually been pretty great in them (never mind the hulk, thank god ang lee bounced back with brokeback).

for me, i dig eric for a couple reasons:
1. those eyes – fuckin’ sexy. i am without fail an eye-guy. they will (and have) make or break an attraction for me.
2. that hair – I’ve come to discover i’m kinda attracted more and more to guys with shaggy hair. eric’s is perfect. Wanna run my fingers through that….
3. talent. i have always enjoyed watching him on screen – there’s just something about him that commands attention. yet, he’s terribly subtle, even when doing something over the top like the aussie prison flick “chopper”. and it should be stated, he was the only decent thing about “troy”

so eric, when you tire of all the women, give me a call – i’ve got a new shampoo I wanna try out on you.


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Eric with facial hair CRANKS my tractor! WOOF!!!!


Yeah! What Brett said!

Comment by Alexander

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