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July 2, 2006, 6:53 pm
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“in the war over land where the world began / prophecies say it’s where the world will end / but there’s a tremor growing in our backyard / fear in our heads, fear in our hearts”
indigo girls’ “jonas & ezekial”
when i started sr…sl i thought i would discuss a political thing every now and then – i thought it’d be more about fun stuff like hot naked guys and music, but as i’ve looked back i’ve been pretty challenging – the war, the environment, social issues – it’s gotten sorta heavy here. i can tell from the comments you all (whoever you all are) prefer the lighter fare, but what can i say, i am who i am – the political stuff is a big part of me.
so deal with it. lol 🙂
seriously, i’ll do my best to post more stuff about naked guys and what not, but i can’t resist the shit about king george and the state of the country (especially this weekend).
the above lyric is pretty interesting given that it was written 14 years ago. i wonder if the prophets are really in the graveyard.

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I heart Indigo Girls.

Comment by Brian


Comment by Dave


Comment by Ray

In this world right now, how can we not comment on politics and the folly of BushCo? And the only way to maintain our sanity is to intersperse those rants with nekkid guys and fun video clips. Keep up the good work!

Comment by Alexander

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