why…oh why did i agree to this.
July 1, 2006, 9:31 pm
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my company’s global communications department contact me on thursday and asked if i would like to be interviewed by the magazine
meetings & conventions regarding planning environmentally-friendly meetings – i forwarded the request to my boss, hoping she would want that honor; instead, she thought it was perfect for me and i said yes. i have no idea what crack i was smokin’ when i said yes – i’ve never been interviewed for a national publication before (granted, it’s an industry rag, but it’s national just the same).

i haven’t discussed work to much here, but as the ‘show & production’ manager for my company (fancy name for event planner) i’m part of a small team (just 3 of us when fully staffed – which we’re not right now) that plans our company’s runway hair shows, larger meetings and trade shows. a big part of our company is an environmental mission. now, most company’s have a mission, but those mission statements are usually only talked about on your first day, or is on a plaque in the lobby (from my previous experience) – where i work, the mission literally drives every single decision made in the company. every employee is expected to know the mission and our annual reviews and bonusable objectives are driven against the mission. as such, you can’t throw a bottle of shampoo around the company without hitting 5-6 tree huggers at at time.

now if you’ve ever planned a meeting or a show, or hell even a party – it should come as no surprise that most of the things you use for a one-time event are not environmental on any level. thus, this aspect of my job can be a bit difficult.
which brings me back to the magazine. luckily it sounds like they just want some bullet points or comments, but just the same – i’ve known enough writers in my day to know that they can draw “a couple of bullet points” out to a lot of questions deep probing.
they are looking to talk to me about our philosophical approach to planning green meetings, our commitment to planning earth-minded events, finding green venue’s (that’s easy, they don’t exist), air travel (again, not environmental) and booking/working with hotels (don’t get me started on how much water hotels waste washing your sheets and towels daily).
arggg – i need to figure out what i want to talk about. this is such a busy time for me at work (nevermind i’m still organizing the red ribbon ride [see below]) – and i’m not at all convinced i will say anything coherent or interesting. i could easily end up looking/sounding like a complete idiot.
what did i get myself into?

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AWESOME! lemme know when the interview is published. And then mail it to me in a box containing shampoo.

Oh,and I totally would’ve said “can’t swing a dead spotted owl around without hitting a tree hugger”

Much more environmentally aware,i think

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