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June 30, 2006, 7:21 am
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so i should have a speeding ticket as i write this.
it’s true. i’m a bad person. i speed. a lot.
now, i’m one of the lucky ones in the twin cities as the bulk of my drive to work is against traffic. in otherwords, i can fly to work.
and i frequently do.
as i was driving to work this morning, i was in the “fast lane” of interstate 35-w heading northbound. i was within the 694/494 beltway that goes around the major metro part of the cities. the speedlimit within the loop is 55. i was easily doing 75 – if not a bit closer to 80 (yes, bad person).
the state trooper was parked at a right angle to the freeway and i caught site of him way to late. so late it wasn’t a matter of slowly reducing my speed – i really needed to hit the breaks and reduce speed fast.
by the time i passed the cruiser i was around 65.
in the rear view mirror i watched him pull out into traffic. one word came to mind (repeatedly): fuck.
busted i thought, i transistioned to the right lane and prepared myself for my fate (while interesting in fantasy, getting pulled over by a cop is never as much fun as you might like it to be – and they rarely ever look like the do in porn).
i watched as the cruiser moved from far left, into the center lane, then into the right lane – all the while i waited for the sirens to light up. the cruiser was then one car length behind me – and then he did something surprising – he moved back to the center, passed me, moved in front of me, then just as quickly moved all the way over to the left and floored it.
he was seriously flying.
about a 1/4 mile down the road he pulled over a different car.
whew…. i thank the gods of i-35-w and promise to never speed again.
music heard while writing this post:
nothing, but really – i should download sammy hagars ‘i can’t drive 55’ don’t you think?


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Speed limits are just another way for the “man” to keep us down!

Comment by cb

Keep speeding, and please dear god don’t download Sammy Hagar.

Comment by Sam

I’ve had that happen to me before too. It really messes with you!

Comment by Larry

[…] was bound to happen, this weekend i got a speeding ticket.  it was justified.  couldn’t argue it a bit.  still […]

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