aimee mann from stage right
June 26, 2006, 2:13 pm
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aimee mann & band at mn zoo amphitheater (presented by subway – is nothing sacred against corporate branding anymore… seriously, it sounds a bit like the movie fierce creatures)

i just love this picture, it’s so moody and atmospheric… aimee is tickling the ivories

aimee mann, bongo player extraordinaire

friday night, stephanie & christopher from work along with christopher’s friend keith went to see aimee mann at the mn zoo’s outdoor music space. this is the in my opinion one of the 5 best music venues in the twin cities. there is something incredibly magical watching a musician perform in that environment.

aimee, she of the big haired 80’s band til’ tuesday, performed for just shy of two hours – and did it all acoustically (more or less, plugged in for one small bit). the humidity was playing havoc on her guitar so there were numerous re-tuning bits at which the audience would should out their personal request. aimee’s a bit surly (which i loved) and proceeded to yell back responses to the audience participation. some guy yelled ‘j for jules’ from til’ tuesdays final (and i’ll say best) album everything’s different now. i’d be lying if a little part of me didn’t get excited for the prospect of hearing one of my favorite songs live – but to the best of my knowledge, aimee has never performed that tune. her surly response to the guy in the audience: “not a chance”. gotta love surly rockstars. 🙂

it was a truly great show – understated and beautiful. a perfect way to end a very long (very long) week.


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Aimee Mann is The Shit®.

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