wow… something that doesn’t suck
June 18, 2006, 1:23 pm
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firstly, you should know – i hate fathers day; this in conjunction with next weekend’s pending pride festival (yes, another pride and i’m still single) are bound to make me one crabby boy – i even verbally bitch slapped bolt for no good reason earlier today.

so there you go, i’m crabby and depressed – a vicious combo. gonna lock myself up in my apartment today.

now, i’m a pop-music fan from way back. for every ear-challenging artist in my collection (hello recoil’s first album), or punk gem from back in the day (siouxsie’s lord’s prayer comes to mind). all my street cred goes out the window when i pump some pop gem from the car stereo i’m sure, but fuck all the hipsters and their shoe gazing, pop music when done right can kick your ass, expand your mind and put a groove in your ass like nothin’ else.

that said, pop music on the whole is a vacuous lot. i mean, britney is certainly no madonna (tho’ i dig the duet), and christina is no whitney (then again, whitney is no whitney anymore)…. the modern trick of mixing heavy r&b beats on a sampled gem from the past mixed with the latest pop chanteuse – it just doesn’t work for me (rihanna are you listing to me? s.o.s. is not even in the same league as tainted love).

but every once in a while a singularly great pop song appears that captures everything that is right in the world of pop-music, yet throws a modern edge on the mix and pushes pop in a new direction.

for your listening pleasure please direct your computer to itunes and listen to nelly furtado & timbaland’s pure genius – promiscuous. (if i could figure out how to link to itunes, i would – but until then just open your itunes and go there yourself :).

promiscuous is a brilliant pop song. a song that contains a killer hook, great beats, fun boy vs. girl call & response lyrical style. a song that can get your butt movin’ in your seat and one that would sound killer blasting out of your car speakers on a hot, wet summer day as you drive around the lakes.
while i’ve never been a huge nelly fan (timbaland get’s prop’s for his work with the brilliant me’shell ndegeo’cello) – i can respect where she comes from musically. i love artists that don’t want to get put into any one style or comfy music box. i like artists that challenge themselves and their fans. nelly get’s props for that to be sure.
promiscuous certainly doesn’t suck.
music heard while writing this post:
ummm.. duh. promiscuous / nelly furtado & timbaland

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