the perfect man
June 18, 2006, 4:34 pm
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i’ve decided that from time-to-time, i’m going to present a feature called “the perfect man“.
a few disclaimers on my concept of the perfect man…:
  1. … is completely subjective
  2. … is subject to change at without notice
  3. … negatives or drawbacks are easily forgotton and/or ignored – any mention of a possible negative, will be summiariliy dismissed
  4. … should serve as notice that the man in question is on “the list” – the list of course, indicates that should i ever actually get a partner, the presence of any of these men give me an automatic “out” (for at least the night in question).

for the inaugural issue of “the perfect man”, may i present j. maarten troost:

what qualifies maarten to be on the list? well for starters – look at that fuckin’ picture – woof! smokin’ sexy eyes, square jaw, hint of a furry chest.

but i’m not a total pig, this man has more than just pure base-sexuality. this man has a brain.

no really, it’s true.

he has written two amazing books that have allowed me to enter his world (thus esacaping mine – something very necessary today). the first of his books sex lives of cannibals was the story of his two years on the atoll of kirabati in the south pacific with his girlfriend (yes, a negative – i’m choosing to dismiss the fact he appears to be straight, he just hasn’t met me yet). this past tuesday his new book came out; getting stoned with savages . stoned is the next chapter so to speak in his escaping america for the south pacific. it details the years he and his now wife (ugg) and their children (hmmm daddies are sexy) lived on the islands of vanuato and fiji, “among cannibals, volcanoes… and the world’s best narcotics”

given my general foul mood today, the fact that i had savages to escape into is a very very good thing.

maarten has this amazing (almost wicked) way of turning a phrase on it’s head and getting you to laugh out loud. intelligence and talent always amp up the sexiness factor for me.

so there you have it, guy number 1 in what i’m sure will become a revolving door of the perfect man. j. maarten troost – woof!

music heard during the writing of this post:

we the people / john mellencamp

revolution / robbie williams

long goodbye / thompson twins

express yourself / madonna

yellow / sheila e.


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I share your disgust of “pride” as well, my friend. (Probably attributable to living in San Francisco for 16 years, LOL.) Actually, the turning point for me was when I was walking down the street after the parade and passed two guys in a doorway, one of whom was on his knees and going at it with total abandon. I’m sorry, but there’s a time and place for everything, and on a public street in the middle of the day is NOT an appropriate venue for a blowjob. What was even more disturbing was the fact that so many people walked past without even noticing!

Comment by Alexander

Damn! I spent 5 weeks in Vanuatu last summer and didn’t see anyone nearly that hot. I would have fought you for him, K…

Comment by Wendy

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