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June 15, 2006, 8:12 pm
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random things:
1) yay! my sidebar is fixed (with no discernible help from blogger – i had to comb thru every line of html – for some of you that would be no problem, html, for me, looks like aramaic). but all that matters is that it’s fixed. i fuckin’ rock.
2) now that you can see my sidebar without scrolling down for miles, and since you don’t have to scroll, see that lil’ cluster map thing-y over there? that’s my new favorite toy. that allows me to see that in the past week i’ve had visitors from:
  • france (don’t believe the press, we american’s love french people – well, except for gérard depardieu – we don’t quite get him)
  • germany (just a quick hello to my friends from wach’s & wach’s & zians – i doubt they’re the ones from germany that are looking at the page, but they’re the only people in germany i know, and i dig them – fuckin’ great hairdressers)
  • sweden (i love me some swedes. of course, i have to say that ’cause i’m 25% swede {also 25% french, forgot to mention that). sweden rocks!
  • malaysia (ok, holy shit – malaysia… that’s too cool. when i was in highschool i had a one-letter penpal from malaysia. i sucked as a penpal. it’s a regret of mine – i wish i had stayed in touch. so who ever’s reading from malaysia; send me an email – i’ll try harder this time)
  • australia (so i’m sitting here next to my didgeridoo (a gift from my mother on one of her visits), and i have an original aboriginal painting on the wall in my cube at work (also a gift) – i love love love love australia, so thank you for visiting)
  • new zealand (my friend bolt – he of the mangina-monologues in the blog roll – will kill me if i don’t mention how much he loves new zealand. i’m just jealous that he went instead of me.
  • plus a whole fuckload from the u.s. (but interestingly enough, no canadians)
so i love clustermaps. i know there are other types of mapping tools, but i love how clustermaps works – you (the loyal sr…sl reader)doesn’tt’ have to do a thing. it’s big brother technology working for my benefit – and for those of you who know me personally know – it’s all about me. clustermap’s simply reads what geographical area your computer’s ip addy is from and then tells me where you are. super spy stuff eh? now traditionally i’m against big brother, but when you live in a culture of fear like americans are now doing (hello king george, are you reading?), i figure this doesn’t equal wire-tapping or reading my email. as a tribute to the australians in the audience, note the tune matjala (driftwood) below by the band yothu yindi, i played it just for them.
3) over on the blogroll you’ll see a lil’ link to a wonderful blog – ms. bee’s knees. ms. knees is quickly becoming my favorite blogger chick in all of california (which of course, isn’t hard to do as i generally find californiadisturbinglyy lame – i can count on one hand the number of people i adore in cali – and come to think of it, she’s the only blogger chick in cali i read on a regular basis, but she still kicks ass). so take a moment and check her out if you haven’t before. she’s fun (and dirty too – very very dirty).
4) i can’t mention cali though without mentioning my favorite chick in the entire fuckin’ state. lupe is one of my most favorite people in the entire world – it’s not her fault she lives in that god-forsaken state. lupe and i have travelled the world together (ok, ok, just london, hollywood and miami) and she never ceases to amaze me by her talent – one of the greatest hairdressers i’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing work – not to mention, she has a killer killer smile.
music heard during the writing of this post:
don’t look back / lloyd cole
staring at the sun / wendy & lisa
lay down your pain / toni childs
matjala / yothu yindi
jack u off / prince
angry anymore / ani difranco
sex as a weapon / pat benetar
when jesus left birgmingham / john mellencamp & the sounds of blackness
turn it on (black smoker mix by omnivore) / the creatures
say what you want / texas

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Yes, me love me some Kiwi!

Although i must say that Sydney had its fair share of hotties.

Comment by cb

oh my god… i love you so much right now, i wanna slather you and honey and then lick your feet clean. yeah… THAT much. ;)thanks for the shout out doll.

Comment by Ms Bees Knees

“in” not and… i just so excited thinking about it…

Comment by Ms Bees Knees

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