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June 8, 2006, 8:26 am
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2day is going to be an exceptionally good day – i can feel it. now, u may have gotten the impression that i’m addicted 2 music (hence the footer at the end of every post that tells u what i’m listening to)… my cd collection, itunes & ipod are my constant companions. in fact, with the exception of npr, i rarely ever listen 2 the radio anymore.

until this morning that is. i was thoroughly sick of every single cd i had in the car so on the drive to work this morning, i flipped on the radio and the very first song i heard was prince & sheena easton’s classic ‘u got the look’ – how can u possibly go wrong hearing that gem first thing in the morning.

from the slinky horn lines, 2 the funky drums (courtesy of the divine sheila e. [on video at least, the cd version is of course prince) and sexy bass line – put it all 2gether and u have the makings of a fuckin’ crucial pop song! “boy versus girl in the world series of love” that’s what i’m talkin’ about!!!

of course, u got the look is off of my all time favorite prince cd: sign “o” the times – so it’s bound 2 make me happy just to hear it unexpectedly, but i’m tellin’ you, this track (along with the rest of the record) is bloody brilliant.
if u’ve not heard sign “o” the times – trust me, u must own this album…. a better prince album u won’t find. “if love is good, let’s get to rammin”
in honor of hearing prince first thing 2day (thus ensuring a wonderful day), i’ve changed the subtitle 2 this blog – a little tribute to my love of music. i’m gonna change it every thursday. anyone know the lyric?
music heard while writing this post:
u got the look / prince – album version
u got the look / prince – sign “o” the times tour rehearsal, live @ 1st avenue 2.21.87 version
u got the look / prince – new years eve paisley park performance, 12.31.87

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