June 6, 2006, 11:41 am
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so apparently i have a fetish for underwear. this comes as a pretty big surprise to me, as i’ve never given much thought to underwear. i mean, i know that it is a huge fetish for some people, but i’ve never really cared one way or another. of course, certain men look very very good in certain types of drawers, but really, who cares what the wrapping paper looks like, it’s what’s inside that matters right?

hmmm, apparently not for me. i fancy myself a amateur photographer and as such, it’s pretty rare that i don’t have a camera with me. a friend of mine was looking through some recent photographs from my trip’s to hollywood and san Francisco and noticed a theme in my photography.

apparently, i enjoy taking pictures of billboard advertising featuring underwear clad men.

who knew?

now, what’s interesting to me about this is i didn’t realize i had a theme going (but who am i to argue with precedent, i will need to continue looking for this sort of image), and i can honestly say i’m not particularly attracted to either gentleman in the photos. certainly, they ain’t bad to look at, but they are no gil gerard in his hey-day. and if i were to have an interest in underwear, i never thought it would be for the tighty-whitey variety. and yet, here we are with the 2xist version of the banana hammock and the american apparel version in blue. i can honestly say until i was forced to examine the evidence, i never thought one way or another about underwear…

if i were still in therapy, i’m sure my analyst would have a field day figuring this one out.

music heard during the writing of this post:

rock the house / gorillaz
halo / depeche mode
army of me / bjork
sexuality / prince


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I picked me up about 5 pair of the american apparel tighty whitey…the boys needed more support. Plus, I think the bearded model, Glen, is far cuter.

Comment by Ray

And why are you surprised?!? You go commando — it’s all very existential. No undies, fascinated with undies.

Comment by Anonymous

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