June 3, 2006, 8:20 pm
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….. sorry for the lack of posts…. have been in the hospital since wed. no sweat, all’s good now – had an abdominal/intestinal issue coupled with a 102 fever (doctors get so freaked out when you don’t have a spleen and you have a high fever – the pansy’s), high white blood cell count and super high platelet count (over 850,000).

anywho – all’s better now.

no idea what caused the fever or the other issues, but everything’s coming back to normal (tho’ i still need to have a conversation with my hemotologist next week about the platelet count). oh, they did find a lil spot on my liver during the ct scan and the ultrasound – have to have that looked at again in 3 months.

only highpoint of the entire ordeal was the super hot ultrasound technician, beefy, masculine, hairy muscular arms – woof.

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Glad you are feeling better.

Comment by Brian

hey brian, thank you kindly… it’s been a sucky couple of weeks of me bein’ under the weather, but hopefully that’s passed.


Comment by 9W aka 9thWave aka Nthwave

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