May 27, 2006, 8:38 pm
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2464 – that’s the number of us casualties confirmed by the department of defense according to the website if you add in uk and other members of the ‘coalition’ the total comes up to 2686. that’s 2.31 casualties per day since the start of the iraq war.

these numbers of course are completely horrific on their own.

however, and i mean no disrespect to the men and women fighting in iraq, there is a much more troubling number. that lies somewhere between: 37,972 and 42,346. that number is the number of iraqi civilian casualties since the start of the war (according to

our president (note, the lowercase – its very intentional), who has continually lied to the people of the us (not to mention the world) about the real cause of the war, who has bullied nations into joining this coalition of the willing to fight an unjust war, who has time-and-time again said and done whatever he wants to justify finishing daddies war finally admitted that perhaps he was a little out of line with some of the words he used to bring the world to the edge of war.


President Bush was asked: “…Which missteps and mistakes of your own [do] you most regret?”
He replied:
“By Saying “Bring it on.” Kind of tough talk, you know, that sent the wrong signal to people. That I learned some lessons about expressing myself maybe in a little more sophisticated manner. You know, “Wanted dead or alive,” that kind of talk. I think in certain parts of the world it was misinterpreted. And so I learned — I learned from that.
this from the same man that said his best day as president was catching a perch. all i have to say is what a complete and total idiot this man is. i mean seriously, how shocked was he that people in other parts of the world would misinterprett”bringt it on. i frankly don’t think anyonemisinterpretedd that statement. i think it’s a fairly plain and inflammatory statement that mobilized a fractured movement into action.
it’s inconceivable to me how this man can virtually singlehandedly (along with rove, rice & cheney) destroy the largest global outpouring of u.s. support in history after 9/11 and bring us to the current placement of world-yard bully. had we played our cards right, there isn’t a thing we could have not accomplished for the global community after 9/11. had we spent the billions of dollars we’ve spent on the war on something such as weaning our depenendancy on fossil fuels, we wouldn’t be so intrinsically tied to the middle east right now.
lets not pretend anymore. this war was never about removing saddam hussain from power and giving the good people of iraq democracy. this war was always – always about oil and daddies unfinished war.
and to think, all clinton did to get impeached was lie about a blowjob.
it’s beyond time to impeach bush. he is a cancer on the united states. his legacy is 2686 and counting.
*the above picture taken from the independent media center (no photographer was credited)
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sweetheart, you are preaching to the choir on this one…

fucking bush. i loathe that asshat.

Comment by Ms Bees Knees

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