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May 26, 2006, 8:37 pm
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found this over at, loved and thought i’d try it myself.

name a song…

…that reminds you of an ex:
“a thousand miles” by vanessa carlton ok, so i know it’s not a great song, but it’s a song that reminds me of a moment frozen in time (and i do kinda like the cello break)

…that makes you cry:
“in the sun” by joseph arthur – “cause if i find my way, how much will i find”

…that reminds you of your childhood:
“rainbow connection” by kermit the frog – still a favorite to this day

…that reminds you of high school:
“pump up the volume” by m/a/r/r/s

…that mirrors you too closely:
“downtown” by lloyd cole

…that makes you laugh:
“10 dollar” by m.i.a

…that will always get you up to dance:
“future lover” by madonna

…that you used to hate, but now love:
“shock the monkey” by peter gabriel

…that you love but wouldn’t know of if it weren’t for a friend:
“more bounce in california” by soul kid #1

…that you like from your parents’ collection:
“here you come again” dolly parton

…that makes you think of sex:
the peter gabriel album ‘passion’

…that is your anthem:
“regret” by new order

…that is your ultimate love song:
“running up that hill” by kate bush – the line “is there so much hate for the ones we love? tell me, we both matter, don’t we?” kills me

…that reminds you of something nasty:
“nasty girl” by vanity 6 – obvious choice? sure. but it’s te perfect choice, and it’s just plain nasty

…that reminds you of a break-up:
“a thousand miles” by vanessa carlton – actually the memory of a relationship dissolving infront of my eyes while in a truck stuck on a california highway between sacramento and san francisco

…that is held between you and a friend:
“strange relationship” by prince

…that would be your choice for a national anthem:
“this land is your land” by peter, paul & mary

…that changed your life in some pragmatic way:
“biko” by peter gabriel. this is the song that, when i first heard it in high school, showed me a whole new world of music and such. it opened my eyes to rhythm’s that were specifically not rock-n-roll (or western) based, but were morindigenousus in nature. now, granted it’s not the most “worldly of songs” (especially not in peter’s canon), but it’s the song that opened that door for me and the song that showed me a whole other world muscially.

…that amazes/inspires you:
“gabriel” by lamb

songs listened to during the writing of this post:

umm. duh. 🙂


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