random sunday post
May 21, 2006, 5:31 pm
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day 2 of this experiment and time for what will no doubt become the first of many random sunday posts… posts with no theme or common thread, just random thoughts bouncing around in my head.
  • so minneapolis/st paul finally got a trader joes. trader joes is like whole foods without the whole paycheck, and a whole lot more festive. now, i was exceedingly excited to get more organic fare at a decent price in minneapolis, but oh my god – twin citieans can be so fucking scary when new stores open. it was like the second coming of the beatles – for those of you in the know, trader joes are not terribly large stores – this one is no different – but sunday night at 5:30 was insane. people everywhere with whole gaggles of children running amuck. normally i’m ok with children, but really – leash laws should be enforced. the store was so packed, the shelves were virtually empty… i’m not kidding, i wish i had the camera so i could show you photgraphic evidence. produce was near non-existent, the meat case was what i would imagine it would have looked like during the dust bowl. not only were the shelves picked over but the crowd was down right rude. i expect more from my fellow green shoppers. whatever happened to peace love and understanding? it was more like get the fuck out of my way while i grab the last bottle of mango salsa. not a pleasurable shopping experience. thankfully, i love me some trader joes so i’ll just wait for the newness to pass and wait for the next great store opening to pull everyones attention aways from my beloved trader joes.

music heard while writing this post:

helpline operator / the the

erotic city / prince & the revolution

rock-n-roll / alison moyet

don’t let it get to you / jane child

bankok / brother sun sister moon

baby / lloyd cole

everyday / wendy & lisa

4 the tears in your eyes / prince & the revolution

the hand that feeds – nu dance trax version / nine inch nails

i feel you / depeche mode

9W @ 7:04pm


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The gyoza are good at TJs.

Comment by Ray

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