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May 20, 2006, 11:15 pm
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so last night shelley, stephanie & sarah & i went art-a-whirling mainly to see our friends sheri & doug’s art but it’s always a good excuse to see other emerging talents. art-a-whirl for those of you not in minneapolis, is a annual offering where artists whore themselves to the masses in free shows in warehouse spaces all over northeast minneapolis. for every really amazing artist such as doug forbes ( and shawn mcnulty ( there are at least 10 really terrible art. and yes, i do know art is subjective – but really, most of this was just shite. really, trust me!
anyway, after whirling, we went to grab a bite to eat at grumpy’s – eventually doug showed up with some friends including the guy that runs this guy kicks ass – not only does he have an AMAZING sleeve, but he created the aforementioned site to commerate ink. gotta love that. we didn’t get to talk much, but this is one guy i really wanna get to know better. checking out his sleeve made me crave more ink – phase 1 on my sleeve has been done since october; i am way overdue to finish phase 2 & 3 – on my way to my full sleeve. woof!
anyway, he noticed the piece on my right arm – and posted a quick pic of it to his site (ignore the pasty white boy arm). i’m very honored to be up on his site. he has some great ink posted there. the only challenge, i’m not part of the cult of kore. if you read his post, he talks a bit about tatu’s by kore – that woman is way way overrated. not to mention just not very nice. ugg. you couldn’t pay me to get inked by her. 🙂
my friends are very very fond of reminding me i am a snob. and as much as it pains me to say it, yea i kinda am – especially when it comes to tattoos. my personal philosophy is that you get what you pay for and you should have no qualms about paying for a great tattoo – this is art people! i also firmly believe that you should share a connection with your tattoo artist and i have been incredibly lucky to have two of the best artists in minneapolis work on my ink. ann @ art with a point and trevor @ steady tattoo. two more humble artists you will not find. they ain’t cheap either, but the result is so worth it.
but i digress, a big thank you to gonzo for adding me to his site. i’m honored.
music heard while writing this post:
superman / stereophonics
got to get up / siouxsie & the banshees
the womb / me’shell ndegeo’cello
fayth / tori amos
life can b so nice / prince & the revolution
mojave / concrete blonde
9W @ 12:35am

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