it is done
May 20, 2006, 4:10 pm
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ok after threatning to start this blog many many times over – it is done. the blog has been started and aborted a number of times…. always for the same reason – simply put, i don’t like doing anything unless it is brilliant. how could i create a blog unless i had my own domain (which i did at one point) or a unique theme (which is still in the work for sl…sr), or unless i had something amazing to post about?

so what the fuck am i gonna do here? short answer, who knows? long answer, discuss life, love, music, beauty, politics, the spirit, tattoos, rock-n-roll, sex, vodka and george bush (or as he will now be referred to as he who will not be named).

so then you may be asking what the fuck does stage right…stage left half to do with this blog? well – my career frequently puts me at either stage left or stage right and i’m a fan of cell phone pics from the house of a bar/theater/stage/whatever – so it seemed fitting that i become sr…sl at this point in the game.

music heard while writing this post:
for the love of big brother / eurythmics
control / traci lords (yes that traci lords)

9W @ 5:17pm


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