bored again…
May 25, 2007, 3:09 pm
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pardon my mess, it appears that there’s been a slight atomic incident around here and as such, i’m moving again….

yup, that’s right, i’ve grown board with sr…sl & felt the need, 1 year into this experiement, to re-invent myself (much like madonna, with out the va-jay jay, affected english accent or the cone bras).

moving forward you can find me at atomicpop!

sr…sl may still have a use, and i’ll be keeping the domain – at least for a while.  but in the meantime; the bulk of what i have to say will be over at atomic pop! so check me out there (and if your so inclined, i’d appreciate it greatly if you’d update your favorites and your blog rolls please).




mark ronson / johnette napolitano – music i fuckin’ dig.
May 24, 2007, 10:12 pm
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seriously, i’m so f’ing in love with this re-working of the smith’s classic (by way of some killer horns and a bit of the supreme’s thrown in for good measure)…

if your not familer with mark – this bio from his website sum’s him up/funny as shit:

I’m a bit sick of looking at that stock-form bio (no offense, gabe), so i thought i’d just write something else….. I was born in london, and then my mum (she’s great, you would love her) moved us to new york when i was eight. before she moved though, her and my dad would throw tea-parties at their house in st. john’s wood and i (3 or 4 yrs old at the time) would sit, eating crumpets & playing air-drums next to the stereo speakers. drums was my first instrument, i have since laid them to rest…… skip to nyc, I started a band in high-school (playing guitar) and i listened to alot of good music (not to be confused with g.o.o.d music–g’day ‘Ye). then the brand new heavies came along and i found the funk aswell….. i started dj’ing in ’93 in downtown NY clubs, for whomever had five dollars. at some point, i got good and started to build a nice rep. around the same time, “urban music” (i borrowed that term from one of my college textbooks) got very fabulous, so alluvasuddden, it’s like well-blinging. then, the fashion world decided hip-hop was zuper-cooo-el, so i milked that for a bit, dj’ing gucci parties in milan (where i got in a shouting match with charlize theron–i’m usually a very peaceful person, like jehovah’s witness-peaceful) and a pair of puffy parties in paris (try and say those last seven words 10 times fast)….. then i hooked up with nikka costa (thanks dom), and me and her husband justin produced her criminally slept on debut album (“like a feather”, respect game). that led to my debut album on elektra (rip), “here comes the fuzz”–which kind of bombed in the US, but gave me a nice top 10 around the world with “ooh wee” (top of the pops, thanks for the memories)……. hooked up with rich kleiman and started Allido Records, which will release chicago superstar Rhymefest’s record this summer and australian wunderkind Daniel Merriweather next year. we’re also putting out the soundtrack to “Half Nelson” (a really good movie with Ryan Gosling) and a series of rocking compilations for the Hard Rock….. i still love dj’ing (and you can hear me most fridays on my east village radio show (hello Echo) but i’m mostly producing records right now. i have some of my best stuff yet coming later this year–robbie williams, lily allen, amy winehouse, christina aguilera, rhymefest, domino etc…. and, of course, my upcoming album “VERSION” featuring the radiohead cover (hello, alex greenwald–may i have a call back, please?) and many many more joints……Stay Tuned

so there you go; mark’s a musician-producer-dj; triple threat…. what i love about the above (and the other two songs thus far released in the u.s.; “no one knows” featuring domino & “god put a smile upon your face” featuring the daptone horns is that, while being terribly respectful to the original’s, he funks up the joint with old school r&b – the kind of r&b that kicks ass every which way from sunday (not the modern r&b…. the stuff the kids are listening to – that’s rubbish). 

i’m so psyched for the full record (out in the u.s. on 7.10)…. this is what music should be – full of power and joy and beat’s that kick your ass.

in other musical news; johnette napolitano, she of concrete blonde, pretty & twisted & vowel movement, is about to release her first proper solo album (‘scarred’) next tuesday.  word’s can’t sum up how jazzed i am.  she’s also playing minneapolis on june 4 – james & i are going…. i’ve seen her everytime she’s played my fair town for the past 15 years – i’m so gonna get my geek on that night.


to hear the first song (as well as the rest of the album) ‘amazing’ go to: johnette napolitano.  no need to do anything, the song starts automatically.  it send’s chills down my spine (honest). 

happy anniversary (to me)
May 21, 2007, 11:19 pm
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(addendum to the below post; it was meant to have appeared on may 20, 2007 – however, a little challenge called it’s next to fucking impossible to get a decent Internet signal in phoenix; aka hell on earth).


anniversary, from the latin anniversarius, from the words for year and to turn, meaning (re)turning yearly.


yup, that’s right folk’s stageright…stageleft is officially 1 year old.  who’d’uve thunk it? 

in the year since i’ve started sr…sl:

  • i’ve been to:
    • chicago (for work)
    • denver (for work)
    • beverly hills (for work)
    • dallas (for work)
    • atlanta (for work)
    • dullas, va (for work)
    • dallas – again (more work)
    • cleveland (yup, work)
    • cincinnatti (work)
    • chicago (work, followed by r&r)
    • st louis (work)
    • boston (work)
    • des moines (work)
    • milan, italy (work, followed by vacation)
    • washington d.c. (work)
    • durham/chapel hill (vacation, then work)
    • seattle (work)
    • columbus (for work)
    • pheonix (for work)
  • show’s i’ve seen:
    • twilight singers
    • aimee man (wow crappy year for live music)
  • produced 25 events (an average of an event every 14.6 days)
  • lost an amazing woman
  • reduced my footprint on the earth by 2,661 pounds of c02 emissions by getting a new car and offset all those nasty co2 bit’s
  • found an amazing man (sexy mother-fucker)
  • spent approx 15 hours in the tattoo chair
  • saw the us body count in iraq rise 958 (may ’06: 2464, current: 3422 according to
  • saw the iraqi civilian casualties count raise somewhere between 25,957 and 27,677 (total according to:; more than 63,929 dead).

all in all it’s been a pretty kick-ass year and i’ve had a blast doing this blog…. i realize it’s wildly uneven, but hey, that’s kinda me…. i’m pretty hard to put in a box, and i hope sr…sl is just as hard to categorize.

a big thanks to the bloggers that inspire me to do better; jason @ let’s say you’re right, dave @ tugboat, alexander @ planet voenix, brian @ cheapblueguitar and tac @ tacnik (of course, there are many more bloggers out there that amaze me, if i missed you, it wasn’t on purpose). 

then there is cb & landry – the people that inspired me in the first place! 

so here’s to the next year.  can’t wait to see where it goes!

miss grace jones
May 19, 2007, 10:47 am
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hi all – so much to say, but nothing really to say you know?  i’m off to phoenix in a few hours and already miss james – more work yesterday on my arm sleeve…. pics soon.

in the meantime until i have a real post to post, gotta send a out a bit of love… today is grace jones’ 55th birthday.  she is the shit.  in everyway.

enjoy a bit of grace:

whirlwind weekend
May 15, 2007, 9:01 am
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ok, it’s official – i suck at posting when i’m busy/fulfilled.  it’s true.

i won’t bore you all with minute-by-minute details of the weekend, but it was really good.  the high-point for me a complete and total random sunday with james.  more than anything, i love random sundays…. days where you have no plan’s and just kinda go where the road takes you.

big news i finally got off my ass and bought a bike.  i had a bike a few years ago that i got rid of for no valid reason, but it was time to get a new one – i’d been seriously wanting to get out there, not just for a pleasure ride, but for exercise as well.  here’s my new toy:


in’he cute?  he doesn’t have a name yet.  soon.  here’s what the specialized site says about him:

riding and saving money while saving resources…now, that’s a better energy policy. You don’t need a scientific study to know that riding a bike feels fantastic. you’ve also figured out that riding a bike while your car sits idle in your driveway doesn’t only feel better, it also helps to battle some of the world’s biggest ills, including pollution, traffic congestion, obesity and energy consumption. so, we’ve designed the ‘globe’ to be fast-rolling, yet ergonomically friendly and stable.

seems fitting for me eh?

i also bought this:

galleryfrontback200701301.jpghis name is kermit.  (all ipods need names damnit).  he joins his family ‘catch’ and ‘whaley-boy’, my other 2 ipods.  i’m officially an ipod geek.

i took the bike and kermit out for our inaugural ride tonight… as great as it was, it kicked my ass.  but in a good way.  i was never one of those “casual” riders – i ride pretty aggressively…. my leg’s are gonna feel it tomorrow!

great news saturday
May 12, 2007, 6:55 pm
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it was reported that siouxsie, whom i have a huge, long-standing relationship with has a new album coming out this fall (the first branded solely under her name and not as either the banshees or the creatures):


Siouxsie’s new album is due to be released September 2007, and a single called ‘Into a Swan’ is set for release in July/August time. A new dedicated microsite will be launched over the coming month will the full story, and release dates when confirmed.


(it should be noted, the above vision of loveliness, will most likely be my next tattoo – when my arm is finally done, oh yea, i had more work done on my arm today…. this sleeve is gonna be fuckin’ killer when it’s done)

pickle you cumquat
May 7, 2007, 1:54 pm
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the other night james and i were watching t.v. and just about fell off the couch watching this orbit gum commercial.  thank god for dvr, we rewound it about 10 times… it get’s funnier with every viewing.

for the record, i love the orbit girl…. i’d switch teams for her in a heartbeat… she’s just so damn perky.